Kymaro Body Shaper

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What could be more fun than checking in periodically with what the stars are up to? Our lives certainly just aren’t as exciting as theirs. At least we can enjoy a few minutes of the glam by talking about them.

Tyson Beckford was seen partying at Amnesia in NYC while Paris Hilton was found dancing the night away with her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt Harry O’s in Park City Utah.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki was seen purchasing a pair of Kymaro body shapers from Panache boutique at Foxwoods. See, even the stars need a little boost with a body shaper like those from Kymaro!

Finally, Ben Affleck was recently seen shopping up a storm at the Sundance Film Festival, buying a Linea Pelle messenger bag and Lia Sophia jewelry for his sweetheart, that lucky lady Jennifer Garner.

Diet and exercise certainly work…over the long term…but what about when you don’t have that much patience? I love that I’ve found a way to look great, even when I don’t want to work that hard. Check out this great solution with the Kymaro body shapers. They are amazing – and very inexpensive as well!

Lady Gaga made quite  splash recently with this outfit.  The L.A. Times speculated that she was wearing a Kymaro body shaper as her outer garment.  Usually, the Kymaro body shaper is worn under the clothes to help to shape the body and slim down your appearance.

Leave it to Lady Gaga to expose what’s usually hidden and to proudly wear her body shaper!

A few minor fashion changes can make a big difference in your overall appearance.  You may have heard this before, but monochromatic outfits really do make you look slimmer.  Selecting an all red outfit, or a subtle dark blue suit can have an instantly slimming effect and make you look taller as well.  Dark colors tend to make you look slimmer.  Consider your complexion as well, trying to pick color choices that will work well with your skin tones.

Try to avoid patterned clothing as well.  Often times, a pattern will call attention to certain areas of the body – and these may be the areas that you are trying to conceal!  Remember that with fashion, less is often more.