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You look at the cover models and you wonder how they could possibly look so good.  Some of them have simply been blessed with skinny bodies.  Others, however, are actually wearing supportive garments under their clothing.  You’d never know that they have these items on, and they make them look much better!  There is no reason that you can’t feel as good as the fashion models.  Think about your body type and the areas that could use a lift or push. There are oodles of body shapers on the market today that will give your breasts or behind a lift, that will flatten your stomach or that will slim your hips.  Why shouldn’t you look your best?

Consider which body shapers are right for you – and give yourself the lift you deserve to look your best today!

We all have parts of our bodies that we dislike more than others.  But, if you inverse that sentence, you’ll see that we also have parts of our bodies that we like more (or at least dislike less…)!  The key to dressing well and feeling good about yourself at any size is to dress for your assets. Take a look in the mirror and think about which parts of your body are the most attractive and which are the least likable.  If you’ve got great, long legs then wear shorter skirts.  If you have great breasts, but a thick waist, then wear low cut shirts that flow at the waist.  By dressing with your best features in mind, you’ll start to look better even without losing any weight!

When you feel heavy and don’t feel your best, you tend to wear baggy clothing.  Most fashion consultants, however, will tell you that this is exactly the opposite of what you want to do! While you may feel funny at first in tailored clothing, they will make you look slimmer and sexier.  Why?  Tailored clothing shows your body and helps to cut down on the extra fabric and bulk.  When you hide your body behind bulky clothing, you are actually making yourself look bigger and bulkier.  Think about it.

Splurge on a great new outfit and try to buy it in your size.  Or, you can even take a bulky outfit that you currently own and bring it to a tailor to have it tailored for you.  Believe it or not, you’ll really get compliments and feel better with the tighter fitting clothing!

The Kymaro Body Shaper does wonders for any figure. With its special design it actually hides fat and shapes the body, making it look more fit.
After wearing the Body Shaper just once and seeing the difference for yourself it does not take much convincing to make this a regular part of anyone’s undergarments.